MMIC Amplifiers

Medium gain and medium power amplifiers realized in advanced GaAs pHEMT with on-chip via-hole grounding technology.

5G, VSAT and Point-to-Point Radio Applications High Power MMIC Amplifiers

ModelFreq Range (GHz)OIP3 (dBm) @Po=20dBm/toneIM3 (dBc) @Po=20dBm/toneIn/Out Return Loss (dB)p-1 (dBm)Gain Typ/Min (dB)_yoast_wpseo_content_score_yoast_wpseo_primary_data-sheet-categoryDC Power (W) To maintain IM3P3dB Typ (dBm)
MMA-172135-M5 17-2142.5-45123527
MMA-212734D-M5 3068
MMA-273334D-M5 3068
MMA-273336 27-3338361035.52213.2 (6V 2.2A)36.5
MMA-273336-M5 3048
MMA-273336D-M5 3048
MMA-374030-M5 3069
MMA-374030-R5 37-4038*39*102410.8W (6V 1.8A)32

Broadband Low Noise Amplifiers

ModelN.F. Typ (dB)DC Current Typ/Max (mA)Linear Gain Typ/Max (dB)Pout @ -1 dB Typ (dBm)Vdd (V)Output RL Typ (dB)Gain Flatness Typ/Max (+/- dB)Input RL Typ (dB)_yoast_wpseo_content_score_yoast_wpseo_primary_data-sheet-category
MLA-01122B 1.6551716511114
MLA-01122B-C4 1.6551716511114
MLA-01122B-H7 3048
MLA-0522A 17017163200.512
MLA-0522A-87 16517.515311110

Driver Amplifiers

ModelDC Power (W) To maintain IM3Gain ± Flatness Typ/Max (dB)Freq Range (GHz)P3dB Typ (dBm)OIP3 (dBm) @Po=10dBm/toneIn/Out Return Loss (dB)Gain Typ/Min (dB)p-1 (dBm)Package
MMA-062020 0.6 (5V 0.12A)+/- 120-Jun19.5281013.5
MMA-062020-C3 0.6 (5V 0.12A)+/- 120-Jun19.5281013.5
MMA-174321 1.125W (4.5V 0.25A)+/- 2.517-43222682021Chip
MMA-174321-M4 1.125W (4.5V 0.25A)+/- 2.517-432226820

High Linearity Broadband Driver Amplifiers

MMA-011015 3048
MMA-053223 3091
MMA-053223-M4 3048
MMA-054025-87 3048
MMA-054025-M4 3048

High Linearity Driver Amplifiers for WiMax/WLAN

ModelN.F. Typ (dB)DC Current Typ/Max (mA)Freq Range (GHz)Linear Gain Typ/Max (dB)Input Return Loss Typ (dB) Input RLTyp (dB)Pout @ -1 dB Typ (dBm)Vdd (V)Output RL Typ (dB)Gain Flatness Typ/Max (+/- dB)OIP3 Typ (dBm)Input RL Typ (dB)Package
MMA-020624 3250 / 3004-Feb17 / 1512258121 / 1.540
MMA-020624-M4 3250 / 3002-417 / 15258121 / 1.54012Chip
MMA-495930-Q4 450 / 5004.9-5.920 / 188307.581 / 1.245

Traveling Wave Amplifiers

ModelDC Power (W) To maintain IM3Gain ± Flatness Typ/Max (dB)Freq Range (GHz)P3dB Typ (dBm)OIP3 (dBm) @Po=10dBm/toneIn/Out Return Loss (dB)Gain Typ/Min (dB)_yoast_wpseo_content_score_yoast_wpseo_primary_data-sheet-category
MMA-005022-M4 1.4 (7V 0.2A)+/- 130KHz-5025371015.5
MMA-005022B/C 1.4 (7V 0.2A)+/- 130KHz-5025371015.530
MMA-012030 6 (12V 0.5A)+/- 0.50.1-2029371012.5
MMA-012727 3.5W (10V 0.35A)+/- 0.50.1-26.527351112.5
MMA-012727-M4 3.5W (10V 0.35A)+/- 0.50.1-26.527351112.5

VSAT and Point-to-Point Radio Applications High Linearity MMIC Amplifiers

Model_yoast_wpseo_content_score_yoast_wpseo_primary_data-sheet-categoryDC Power (W) To maintain IM3Freq Range (GHz)P3dB Typ (dBm)OIP3 (dBm) @Po=20dBm/toneIM3 (dBc) @Po=20dBm/toneIn/Out Return Loss (dB)Gain Typ/Min (dB)p-1 (dBm)
MMA-121633-M5 3048
MMA-121633-R5 8.4W (6V 1.4A)12.5-15.53442441023.5 / -
MMA-172135-M5 17-2142.5-45122735
MMA-374030-M5 3069
MMA-374030-R5 10.8W (6V 1.8A)37-403238*39*1024
MMA-445933H-02 304.4-5.9457-Oct29 / 33
MMA-445933H-M5 3069