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MicroWave Technology, Inc. (MwT)

Located in California’s Silicon Valley, MicroWave Technology, Inc. (MwT) was founded in 1982 by technical principals with broad experience in Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) device design and fabrication. With a factory occupying 35,000 square foot, the Company’s principal assets include both its GaAs semiconductor fab and a hybrid chip and wire microwave integrated circuit (HMIC) manufacturing facility. The vertical manufacturing and product strength provide MwT uncommon flexibility and opportunity in the microwave component marketplace.

MwT has many years of experience of doing customer specials and has a vast library of custom designs based on MwT devices. MwT uses both its standard and custom versions of its parts to produce specialized amplifiers and board level products.

Our proven experience and track record can help you save design cost, time, and engineering resource. Examples include low frequency LNA, Wireless LNA booster amplifier, Integrated building blocks, high frequency oscillators, evaluation boards and test fixtures.

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