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Product Information

MwT Quality Policy, Mission Statement and Objectives

MwT is committed to provide its customers benefit with value of entrusted partnership that promotes and directs the MwT organization to maintain strong competitive position serving customer markets with quality products, high level of service, and new solutions through product innovation.

Mission Statement

MwT's Mission is to provide the customer with outstanding value through the dynamic and sustainability of the MwT's Quality Management System and Business Quality Objectives to continually improve.

Quality Objectives

  • Superior product specification and new product innovations,
  • Consistency of product quality and performance,
  • Partnering with customers and suppliers for mutual benefit,
  • Continuous improvement of Quality Management System to make a difference.

Powerful Capabilities

Program Management

MwT offers customers dedicated program management and project engineering for the program’s duration. This ability is particularly useful for Class K jobs requiring special documentation, source inspections, design reviews, and project scheduling. A cross-functional team, staffed by people from engineering, quality assurance, manufacturing, materials, and document control, assists the project leader until the customer is completely satisfied with the product and service.

Design Expertise

MicroWave Technology has over 34 years of experience developing products for high-reliability applications including wireless infrastructure, industrial RF, and defense/aerospace applications. The design expertise expands from the GaAs/GaN chip and package options, thin film circuitry, SMT technology, to the final functional blocks of various amplifiers. All of MwT’s product design is rooted from the concept that “quality is built in by design”.

Vertical Integration

The vertical integration of MicroWave Technology’s in-house GaAs wafer production facility with volume manufacturing of high-level assemblies and test give MwT an ability to dramatically decrease time to market while controlling overall quality. By using common architectures for multiple applications, faster development times and manufacturing efficiencies associated with common material content can be realized. MwT also utilizes strategically aligned out-sourcing places to perform manufacturing functions to reduce cost and increase production capacity.

Production Environment

Each of MwT’s manufacturing and test areas are maintained at or below Class 100,000, 0.5-micron particles per million (Class 100 for space level modules), and between 30% and 65% relative humidity. MwT has ESD controls in place to meet or exceed the intent of MIL-STD-1686, including a complete network of earth-to-ground rods and wrist straps, which are tested regularly. Most raw material and work-in-process components are stored in nitrogen back filled desiccators to minimize oxidation and other storage related problems.

Manufacturing Operations

MicroWave Technology’s in-house manufacturing process provides a proven technology to manufacture product; includes: hermetic wedge, ball and ribbon bonding; eutectic and epoxy attachment; plasma cleaning; laser sealing; and fine and gross leak detection.  MwT has the capability to perform tests over wide temperature, voltage, and frequency ranges, including ACPR, IP3, harmonics, oscillation, and phase noise RF testing.

Process Development & Control

Process controls include equipment calibration and maintenance programs. All required manufacturing and test equipment are calibrated per MIL-STD-45622 and records are maintained. Preventive maintenance on all equipment is conducted regularly. MwT’s qualified personnel provide the infrastructure to support production requirements from high-end commercial applications to high reliability programs requiring vigorous screening and qualification testing. To ensure qualified employees, MwT formally trains each employee to the requirements of their respective processes.

Material Procurement & Logistics

Using an audit and rating system, MwT’s Supplier Assessment Program governs all procurement activity. Also all procurement activities use lot traceability and specification control as primary objectives. MwT uses an MRP system to aid the planning and control of, the entire production flow, for both large and small production runs. MwT’s materials staff works closely with sales personnel to support customer delivery inquiries and status updates. Complete and timely production information is a quick phone call or e-mail away.

Product Environmental Screening

MicroWave Technology’s quality and screening tests are performed on each individual wafer for high-reliability products. All quality and reliability testing methods are based on appropriate military standards, such as MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD-883 and MIL-PRF-38534. Customized screening flows can be provided to accommodate your needs, including MIL-PRF-38534, Class H or Class K with full element evaluation and Group testing. Call or fax MwT’s sales department or local sales representative for more information on these options.

Manufacturing Process Control & QA

MicroWave Technology maintains close surveillance monitors of its manufacturing processes to assure consistency of product quality through:  material qualification, calibration of measurement equipment, preventive maintenance of manufacturing equipment, on-line monitors to validate process/product conformance at critical stages of the manufacturing, work instruction and operator training, traveler documentation for product identification and traceability of processing events, program management coordination, and final inspection to validate compliance.

Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

MicroWave Technology employees understand continuous improvement to mean continuously searching for improvement in all processes of the company from product development to shipping. 

All of MwT's people are involved in the continuous improvement of manufacturing and business processes to meet the overriding objective - Quality, Performance, On-Time

MwT uses the matrix team approach to attain insights and expertise from a variety of perspectives to solve tough problems. The goal is to achieve the highest levels of quality and reliability, and customer satisfaction.   All of MwT’s people are involved in the continual improvement of manufacturing and business processes to meet the overriding objective

We Care About The Environment

Microwave Technology Inc. recognizes the importance to maintain and support regulatory standards that will ensure a healthy environment for present and future generations. The EU directive is such a regulatory standard to assure the reality of a safe clean environment. MwT regards environmental safety as an essential part in doing business that can have a positive impact by providing safe products. Most important, we regard this as responsibility.

Please be advised, MwT is a manufacture of microcircuit products that are commonly used in higher level of assemblies products by its customers. MwT accepts no responsibility for any post shipment processing that may introduce any of the above contaminants in any OEMs higher assembly processing.

Quality Guarantee and Warranty

Microwave Technology Inc. warrants each of its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, and intended application. MwT warrants product to be in conformance with the specifications, drawings, and other descriptions explicitly contained in the contract between Buyer and MwT.

MwT's obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing products returned to the factory, within the warranty period described below and which, upon examination, are disclosed to be thus defective. There is a limited warranty.

Standard Semiconductor Chips and Gunn Diodes 30 days from date of shipment All Die Packaging Arrangements See notes below
Non-Hermetic Packaged Products 90 days from date of shipment Mold Compound SOT 89, QFN See notes below
Hermetic Cavity( Fine & Gross) Packaged Screened Products 1 Year from date of shipment Epoxy Seal Lid 70, 71, 81, 86 & 87 See notes below
Semi-Hermetic Cavity (Gross Leak Screened Only) Packaged Products 1 Year from date of shipment Epoxy Seal Lid 73, 82, 83, 84 & 85 See notes below
MMIC for Commercial Products 6 Months from date of shipment All packaging arrangements
MMIC for Military, Space, and Hi-Rel 1 Year from date of shipment All packaging arrangements
FETs for Space, and Hi-Rel 1 Year from date of shipment All packaging arrangements

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